Black’s Sliders takes a new approach to the food truck industry, by incorporating the value of conscious consumerism into every part of the business.  Our food is hormone and antibiotic free and purchased locally from vendors who hold the same vision of health through product excellence. 

Our menu has been constructed with the goal to bring an elevated dining experience to the mobile setting.  Each menu item has been designed and executed by trained chefs who believe that amazing food should be accessible at all price points,  to all people.

Black’s Sliders is more than just a business, it’s a belief that  community is built through local patronage and love of food.  We are excited to invite you to take part in our dream!

In July of 2012, just two days after they got married, Aaron and Heather Black packed up their lives and moved to Salt Lake City. The plan was for Heather to complete her residency in psychology at the SLC Veteran’s Administration, and then immediately move back home to Southern California. However, the couple quickly began to appreciate the slower pace of life and surrounding beauty of Utah, and ultimately decided to put down permanent roots just outside the city.


During that first year and a half, while Heather completed her training, Aaron worked long hours in the culinary industry, developing his understanding of all things gastronomic, and dreaming about building a business that would combine his love for food with his belief in community conscious consumerism. Along with his entrepreneurial background, it became clear that a food truck was the perfect amalgam of his passions and natural abilities.


After a nation-wide search for an assembled food truck, Aaron decided the best way to realize his unique vision was to build one himself. Aaron found a striped down delivery truck in Indiana and made the more than thousand mile journey back to Utah. Over the next four months, Aaron custom designed the truck, consulting with seasoned food and beverage professionals to create a mobile kitchen that could produce top quality food for the growing culinary scene in Salt Lake City.


Aaron’s vision of a food truck extended far beyond the “roach coach” days of serving subpar food on wheels. Instead, he imagined harmonizing mobility and the highest quality product at prices anyone could afford. His desire to offer a straightforward menu composed of locally sourced products and seasonal ingredients, combined with hormone and antibiotic free proteins was directly linked to his own health. In March of 2014, while Heather was six months pregnant, Aaron was diagnosed with cancer. During his treatment and recovery, he reevaluated much of his lifestyle, including the importance of a healthy diet, stripped of chemicals and processed foods. Black’s Sliders menu is the result of Aaron’s belief that he could serve amazing food while simultaneously limiting the amount of toxins introduced into the body. Aaron transformed the traditionally large portions associated with comfort food into a more refined menu, offering diversity in items ranging from a healthy snack to a hearty meal. Black’s Sliders focuses on choice by catering to meat eaters, vegetarians, and those who seek gluten free fare.


Black’s Sliders is a family run business that extends its philosophy of service and mindfulness to the surrounding community. Black’s Sliders is a product of the hard work and sacrifice of both friends and family who believe in Aaron and his passion to elevate the mobile food business.



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